Blocking, Cylinders, and Hard Disk Capacity

The blocking factor, also known as "cluster size", is usually more than one disk sector. The block size determines the number of bytes than are read and written in a single physical read or write operation on a hard disk.

A cylinder is a collection of the same track on all the surfaces of the platters on a hard disk. It is usually called a collection of tracks.

The capacity of a hard disk can be determined by a calculation. The calculation requires the number of tracks per surface, number of sectors per track, and number of bits and bytes per sector. Capacity is given by the equation...

Capacity = number of surfaces * number of tracks * number of sectors per track * bytes per sector

In contrast to sequential access, direct access storage is possible by specifying the required track and sector. Data can be retrieved without references to other data using this method. Data can be stored around the track in a sector.

දිරියක් වෙන්න අදහස් පෙළක් දාන්න

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