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Ddos -

Distributed denial of service attack. This is where a website is flooded with packets of data from multiple sources and the server basically overloads. Ddos attacks are often confused with Dos attacks.

Dos - 

Denial of service attack. This is where a site is flooded with packets of data from a single source. A Dos isn't as effective as a ddos, but it is a lot easier, as you can Dos straight from cmd.

cmd - 

Command prompt. This is basically MS-Dos, except it's now just a program with some commands rather than an OS. Cmd can be used to perform tasks using commands. 

.bat - 

Batch file extension. This is the file type which is opened in cmd. Most .bat's that you will see online will be malicious. Some are good though. 

RAT - 
Remote Administration Tool. RAT's are the most commonly used tools by beginner hackers. RAT's are favored because they are easy to use and they perform many functions. They also allow control over of the infected computer, which makes them very popular. 

Slave - 
A user which has been infected with your keylogger/RAT. 

Keylogger - 
A program which logs the keystrokes of a computer. These are usually the first things that beginner hackers learn to use. They have a lot of functions but they aren't as good as RAT's.

Crypter - 

A program used to change the hash sum of a malicious program so that it is undetectable by anti-virus programs. 

FUD - 

Fully UnDetectable. A program which is FUD cannot be detected by ANY anti-virus program. 

UD - 

UnDetectable. A program which is UD is mostly undetectable but can be detected by some anti-virus programs. 

JDB - 

Java Driveby. A fake site which contains a java applet. This java applet is used to download and execute (run) a certain program. The victim as to click the 'allow plugin to run' button to start the applet. 

Silent Java Driveby - 

A java driveby that's downloads and executes a file without the user seeing any pop-ups. These are more effective than normal java driveby's as they are less suspicious. 

Direct link - 

The direct download link to a certain file. When you download a file from a site (e.g. Mediafire), you are given a download link which redirects you to a page with a download button. However a direct link is a link which leads directly to the file. There is no download button, the download starts straight away. 

FTP - 

File Transfer Protocol. An FTP server is a server used to store and send files. 

OS - 
Operating system 

vb - 
Microsoft Visual Basic. 

.NET - 

Microsoft .NET framework. 

C/C+/C++/C# -
Commonly use coding languages. They are often used to code games. 

IP address - 
The address used to identify your network while on the Internet. Every computer has a different IP address, and therefore every IP address is unique. 

VPN - 
Virtual Private Network. This is a network you can connect to on a computer. It will give you anonymity while online. A VPN will hide your IP address by tricking sites and programs into thinking you are somewhere you are not. 

Proxy - 
A proxy redirects web traffic through a virtual tunnel to another IP address. A proxy is like a VPN but only tricks websites, not the whole computer.


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