How to protect Azure VM from Various attacks Basic Method

Today im going to tell about a small but useful software to protect our vm from unauthorised access and attempts

you can download the file from here 

after download extract it and click on setup 

then it will install some C++ runtime libs 

After installed then you will see this window to install the applicaion

After installed the software you can see the screen like below

now comes the configuration part, for that click on settings tab

you can config your smtp details to get emails

in this agents tab, we need to enable service one by one as per the requirement of our server,

basically rdp port, base security agent need to ticked

you will see the log in here, when someone try to enter this will detect and block according to the config we did in above steps

you can see the dashboard in this start page

hope you get some knowledge about the tool. always put a strong password if you creating a vm in cloud environment, most weak point is that one



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