PM2 වල වැඩ කෑලි ටිකක්

Fork mode
pm2 start app.js --name my-api මේකේ කරන්නේ process එක start කරලා එකට නමක් දෙන එක නැත්තම් හැමදාම index.js හරි app.js කියලනේ වැටෙන්නේ

Cluster mode
pm2 start app.js -i 0 Will start maximum processes with LB depending on available CPUs

pm2 list ඔක්කොම processes status පෙන්නනවා
pm2 jlist Print process list in raw JSON
pm2 prettylist Print process list in beautified JSON
pm2 describe 0 Display all information about a specific process
pm2 monit Monitor all processes

pm2 logs [--raw] Display all processes logs in streaming
pm2 flush Empty all log files
pm2 reloadLogs Reload all logs

pm2 stop all Stop all processes
pm2 restart all Restart all processes
pm2 reload all Will 0s downtime reload (for NETWORKED apps)
pm2 stop 0 Stop specific process id
pm2 restart 0 Restart specific process id
pm2 delete 0 Will remove process from pm2 list
pm2 delete all Will remove all processes from pm2 list

pm2 reset <process> Reset meta data (restarted time…)
pm2 updatePM2 Update in memory pm2
pm2 ping Ensure pm2 daemon has been launched
pm2 sendSignal SIGUSR2 my-app Send system signal to script
pm2 start app.js --no-daemon Run pm2 daemon in the foreground if it doesn’t exist already
pm2 start app.js --no-vizion Skip vizion features (versioning control)
pm2 start app.js --no-autorestart Do not automatically restart app


දිරියක් වෙන්න අදහස් පෙළක් දාන්න

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